Beginners Yoga

Beginner Yoga Classes
Embark on a journey towards improved flexibility and mobility through our accessible Yoga Workshops. These workshops are tailored for beginners, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming environment for all. Join us in exploring gentle exercises that not only enhance your flexibility but can also be practiced conveniently at home. If you've been curious about yoga but always felt too nervous to join a class, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Our small, friendly, and welcoming group is taylored to your needs, providing a safe space for you to explore yoga at your own pace.

Our focus is not only on physical wellness but also on creating a space for relaxation and overall wellbeing. Whether you're completely new to yoga or seeking to deepen your practice, you're welcome to be a part of our workshops. The best part? Participation is open to everyone, and it's absolutely free! Alternatively, if you'd like to contribute, all donations from the workshops go towards our suspended coffee scheme – a heartwarming initiative that supports those in need within our community.

So, come and join us for an enriching experience that goes beyond the physical, fostering a sense of connection, relaxation, and personal growth. Let's journey together towards better flexibility, mobility, and community support!
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