Wellbeing Baristas

Our Wellbeing Baristas at Gaia Giving CIC are committed to empowering individuals and the community as a whole to build self-reliance and resilience by creating meaningful and supportive peer-to-peer connections within the community. When you visit our community coffee shop, our Wellbeing Baristas will not only serve up a great coffee but will also provide emotional and well-being support, advice, and guidance. They create a safe and welcoming space that is accessible to all through our suspended coffee scheme. We provide a mental health support worker who facilitates group activities and hosts the cafe while providing appropriate information, advice, and guidance. We also work closely with established provisions in other areas to provide volunteer and work experience opportunities. Our network of volunteer buddies facilitates peer support, and we encourage participants to voice their ideas and work with them to develop activities of interest to them.
Nina our Wellbeing Barista
To ensure the sustainability of our programs, we identify potential volunteers interested in hosting sessions in the future. Nina is leading a community garden project at the back of the property, which has a fantastic team of volunteers. Additionally, she runs Bothered, a peer-to-peer support group for young men to talk about their mental health.

Robyn our Wellbeing Barista

Robyn runs Girls Against Anxiety, a space for all women and non-binary people to come together and feel like they are no longer alone. They create spaces for creativity and hold workshops that range from jewellery making to painting, book clubs, and well-being workshops. Anxiety affects everyone differently, and they want to change the narrative and provide a supportive community where we can help each other rise and feel good! Let’s support each other and help each other thrive.