Coffee Roasting Experiences

Embark on an Enchanting Coffee Journey with Our Roasting Experiences!
Are you passionate about coffee, curious to uncover the secrets behind your favorite brew? Our Roasting Experiences offer you a captivating voyage into the heart of coffee craftsmanship. If you've ever wondered how we create that perfect cup of coffee you love, this immersive journey is tailor-made for you.
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Unveiling the World of Coffee: From Bean to Brew
Step into the captivating world of coffee production. Delve into the diverse stages of coffee cultivation, from the lush fields where beans are grown to the intricate processes that transform them into the aromatic gems we cherish. Discover what elevates coffee to specialty status, learning how we meticulously select the beans that create our exceptional blends and single origin offerings.
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Hands-On Roasting Adventure
Get ready to roll up your sleeves and embrace the art of roasting. Guided by our head roaster Ceri, you'll experience the thrilling process of roasting coffee firsthand. From understanding the nuances of heat to bringing out the best flavors, you'll have the opportunity to roast your own batches of coffee, adding a personal touch to every bean.
Sensory Awakening: Coffee Cupping
Indulge in a sensory experience like no other – a coffee cupping session. Engage your palate as you explore a diverse array of tasting notes, unlocking the flavors and aromas that make each coffee unique. Learn the art of discerning subtleties, and gain insights into the complexities that shape your coffee-drinking journey.
A Memento of Your Coffee Odyssey
As a token of your memorable experience, you'll take home a bag of coffee you've roasted yourself. Whether you opt for a carefully curated blend or a distinctive single origin, it's a tangible reminder of the knowledge you've gained and the flavors you've unlocked during your coffee exploration.
Book Your Coffee Adventure Today
Our Roasting Experiences are designed to provide a comprehensive, hands-on journey through the world of coffee. Immerse yourself in a three-hour adventure where you'll absorb insights, roast your own coffee, and savor the exquisite results of your labor. Perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts, this experience promises to deepen your appreciation for coffee and create lasting memories.
Limited Availability - £180 for 3.5 hour experience
When making your booking, kindly provide us with the size of your party. We enthusiastically welcome groups ranging from 1 to 6 people to participate in this enriching coffee experience.
To book please email or call 07428324781