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Fazenda Paraiso - Pulped Natural

Fazenda Paraiso - Pulped Natural

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Name: Fazenda Paraiso

Varietal: Arabica (Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo) 

Process: Pulped Natural

Origin: Cabo Verde, Brazil

Altitude: 900-1100m

Tasting notes: Chocolate, caramel, marshmallow and nougat.


The agronomist Guy Carvalho bought Fazenda Paraiso in 1990. Passionate about coffee, Guy Carvalho’s approach is quality driven. In 1996 Fazenda Paraiso participated in Project Gourmet in Brazil, this project was in partnership with OIC to improve quality and introduce the process of Pulped Natural into this farm.  

The farm is located in a traditional coffee-growing district of Cabo Verde, in a region that presents ideal conditions for coffee production, such as an average altitude of 950 meters and a climate with well-defined seasons, low humidity and favourable temperatures. The farm has drying patios and produces both natural (dry-processed) and pulped natural coffee, using modern processing equipment including a washer and a pulper, and a mechanical mucilage remover that is used to produce pulped natural coffees during periods of excessive rain. Fazenda Paraiso is committed to the production of coffee on a socially and environmentally sustainable basis. Guy, an agronomist by trade, is very involved in this project to maintain the environment and to produce coffee in a sustainable manner.

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