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Gaia Coffee

Gaia's Helping Hand - Washed - Espresso / Filter

Gaia's Helping Hand - Washed - Espresso / Filter

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Name: Gaia’s Helping Hand

Varietal: Arabica (Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra)

Process: Washed

Origin: Columbia/ Guatemala / El Salvador

Altitude: Multiple

Tasting notes: Sweet fruity notes of orange, caramelised apple and blackberry


Gaia’s helping hand coffee, is our distinctive signature blend which is a combination of sweet base notes and high acidity, which results in a well-rounded satisfying coffee. It has been roasted as an Omni roast, using a high drop temperature so the subtlety of the acidic notes are not lost and can particularly be enjoyed as a filter. However, there is a depth of flavour and noticeable sweetness when brewed as an espresso which can be enjoyed black or with milk.

The coffee plants have been shade grown, meaning the growth slows down and the maturation period of the cherries increases, resulting in increased levels of natural sugars that enhance the flavour of the beans.

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