About Us 2

Gaia Coffee opened on September 21, 2019, prior to the establishment of Gaia Giving, but it served as the catalyst for the creation of the Community Interest Company. Our initial objective when we started the coffee shop was not to generate huge profits, but rather to gain experience and acquire knowledge about the art of coffee while providing our version of hospitality. However, as the coffee shop grew and became ingrained in the community, it became apparent that we could make a genuine and positive impact on our community.

Gaia Giving CIC is more than just a specialty coffee shop serving delicious food and drinks. We are also a community hub dedicated to improving the well-being of our community. We realized early on that we could make a positive impact in our community and decided to become a hub for supporting mental well-being and building a stronger and more cohesive community. We open our doors as a social and community hub six days a week, providing a safe and welcoming space for people to connect, receive support, and build relationships.



Our well-being baristas are on hand to provide support, guidance, and signposting to other services, and they also facilitate support groups and cultural events. Through creating connections between people in the community, we aim to build a strong support network that benefits everyone.



In addition to general well-being support, we also run specific projects such as work experience placements, Bothered, Girls Against Anxiety, Winner Street Walkers, Happy Book Club, and a Community Garden project. We also get people involved in art projects and poetry evenings, which have been popular among our community.



By providing a welcoming and inclusive space, we hope to improve mental well-being and build a stronger community where people help each other. Whether you're looking for support, a good cup of coffee, or simply a place to connect with others, you'll find a warm welcome at Gaia Giving CIC.