Welcome to Bothered: Supporting Mental Health for Young Men
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The Bothered mental health support group for young men, meeting every Tuesday from 5:00-7:30 pm at Gaia Coffee on Winner Street, Paignton. With our relaxed "drop-in" model, we have established a safe and welcoming environment where young men feel comfortable discussing their fears, dreams, aspirations, and everyday life.

Through the Bothered group, we have witnessed remarkable transformations as young men support and connect with one another, building meaningful relationships. Together, they have embarked on a journey of personal growth, learning new skills, engaging in enjoyable activities, and rebuilding their social skills. The atmosphere within the group is warm and inviting, fostering honest and sometimes deeply emotional conversations.

Bothered has emerged as a game-changer for young men, boys, and non-binary individuals grappling with mental health challenges. Through our peer-to-peer support model, we offer a safe and inclusive space for young people to come together, share their experiences, and support one another. This has led to strong connections and the gradual rebuilding of social skills, resulting in significant improvements in mental health and overall well-being.

Peer-to-peer support plays a pivotal role in enhancing mental health, mitigating the risks of self-harm and suicide. Bothered provides a sense of belonging and validation, bolstering self-esteem and confidence among its members, enabling them to seek support when needed. Additionally, the group serves as a preventive measure, reducing the likelihood of young people turning to criminal behavior by fostering a supportive community and offering positive role models.

Bothered goes beyond emotional support by providing practical help, guidance, and valuable resources. Our experienced facilitators offer information and advice on accessing medical professionals and other essential services. The group also facilitates the development of new skills through workshops and volunteering opportunities, boosting confidence and employability.

Within the group, young men have formed new friendships, encountered positive role models, and regained social skills. Some have even pursued volunteer work experiences at the coffee shop, which has opened doors to paid employment opportunities. By challenging stereotypes about young people and encouraging multigenerational conversations, Bothered fosters community cohesion and creates a positive impact on society at large.

As the group continues to grow and operate consistently, it will continue to provide immense benefits to its members, supporting their mental health, well-being, and personal growth. The success of Bothered is a testament to the value of peer-to-peer support in improving mental health among young people.