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Los Nogales- Espresso / Filter

Los Nogales- Espresso / Filter

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Name:Los Nogales

Varietal: Arabica (Catuai)

Process: Natural Double Soaked

Origin: El Salvador

Altitude: 1380 - 1600m

Tasting notes: Alcohol / Fermented, Blackberry, Floral, Jasmine  

Introducing Los Nogales, a truly special single origin coffee that has undergone a unique double soaking process. In this meticulous method, the beans are carefully de-pulped, removing all mucilage, and then they're submerged in a tank filled with clean, pure water for an initial soaking period lasting 10 to 12 hours. After this, the water is refreshed, and the beans undergo a second 10-hour soaking phase.

Following this meticulous process, the beans are gently sun-dried on raised beds, allowing the flavors to develop naturally.

Los Nogales is part of an experimental batch from The Nogales Project, and it has been artisanally roasted to perfection. This gentle roasting process enhances its delicate floral notes, ensuring that the prominent floral flavors shine through with every sip. Experience a unique and captivating coffee journey with Los Nogales.

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